Saturday, July 4, 2009


Welcome everyone to my blog.

Eddie Speaks

Yeah, Eddie finally speaks............ or rather is busy making COMICS.

I am a person focussed on comics. That is what I do and what I enjoy doing.
In this Blog I wish to post my works. And if you are visiting this blog please leave your comment on my works........... that will make me bring changes in my creation.

And not to mention I wish to discuss on various topics realted to comics which truly matter to me. And surely Superman or JLA or Iron-man does not matter to me but things like Understanding Comics, V for Vendetta and Sabhita Bbabhi do. You get the idea - anything apart from Mainstream works.

Apart form that I am going to discuss on VISUAL LITERATURE and VisuaL LiteraturE Entertainment which is my brainchild and concepts related to it.


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