Visual Literature

Visual Literature is a concept by me conceived about 3 years ago and basically is a continuation of the universal attempt to give comics a more respectful name. But it's something more than that. The word means the visual aspect/form of literature.

Visual Literature Entertainment, as the name suggests, is all about Visual Literature, the Visual forms of Literature. Visual Literature can include art forms like Comics, Theatre, and Movies. Visual Literature Entertainment is working on the interaction between these art forms. As for an example, these days we are thinking about creating some 'Motion Comics', a blending of animation and comics.
Every art form serves its duty of mass-education after it satisfies the entertainment need of the audience. And they are capable of protesting against the wrong at the time of need. Comics, one of the most popular art form these days, is truly equipped to perform these three tasks successfully. We believe, it can be used for raising awareness in children and teens more successfully than any other art form. In India, as we have seen in the past, no revolutionary initiative has been taken in the sphere of sequential art to perform the other two tasks apart from entertainment. Some initiatives have been observed though but they still remain microscopic minority.
Visual Literature can also be successfully applied in other mass communication processes like advertisement, postering etc.

Visual Literature Entertainment is the home of a host of young, talented, and innovative people.

Soon we are going to publish our monthly webzine Visual Literature mag.

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