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SandE Page#003

Here the third page. On anti-smoking propaganda. And believe me, it's the beginning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

SandE Page#002

SandE continues. this is the second page.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SandE Page#001

This is the first page of SandE. Well! actually it is not the first page. There is a page on How SandE started SandE and a Profile page of SandE. I wish to bring them later. You know, to make it look like a publicity stunt.

That makes it the first page of the actual main part of the series.

Hope you enjoy.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

SandE Announcement

Finally for the first time we are going to introduce SandE over internet.
SandE are coming out of the closet.
SandE (SMAK and EDDIE) is all about the famous duo, their life, thoughts, imagination and obviously their crisis.

This series is brought to you by-
VisuaL LiteraturE Entertainment
Story: Smak and Eddie
Art: Eddie

I wish to update new pages of SandE in every 2 days, which is , as I know myself, is a tough job to do. Hope, to keep the pages running.
This series started about one and half years ago in the winter (December) of 2007. And since then we shared an entertaining journey together which we are still doing. Now it's time to share that with everyone.

If given a chance, I must dedicate SandE to every true friendship and every single clueless person like us, this is for you pal.

Save Wildlife Poster #03

The third one of the series. This time CHEETAH, probubly my favourite animal (after a Phoenix).

This animal is a serious matter of concern.......... at least the stats tell that.

Save Wildlife Poster #02

Another one in the series...........

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Save Wildlife Poster #01

(Click image for full size view)

Here is a poster on Saving Wildlife by me. This one is on TIGER.

Here I used Calvin and his pal Hobbes to visualize the idea of love and friendship with animal. Hobbes is probably the best animal character in comics so far created by Watterson. Just think about the series without Hobbes. Similarly think of a world without Tigers.

Where are we going?

These posters are available to download and print. But they are not of high rezolution (100 dpi) for a copy of higher rezolution requests can be made with e-mail address.


Welcome everyone to my blog.

Eddie Speaks

Yeah, Eddie finally speaks............ or rather is busy making COMICS.

I am a person focussed on comics. That is what I do and what I enjoy doing.
In this Blog I wish to post my works. And if you are visiting this blog please leave your comment on my works........... that will make me bring changes in my creation.

And not to mention I wish to discuss on various topics realted to comics which truly matter to me. And surely Superman or JLA or Iron-man does not matter to me but things like Understanding Comics, V for Vendetta and Sabhita Bbabhi do. You get the idea - anything apart from Mainstream works.

Apart form that I am going to discuss on VISUAL LITERATURE and VisuaL LiteraturE Entertainment which is my brainchild and concepts related to it.