Friday, April 16, 2010

New Experiment: Visual Poetry

This work is part of my new experiment with Visual form of poetry. This one is originally a poem by Srijato, my favorite contemporary Bengali poet and probably the finest poet of this generation. When I thought of making comics with poetry as text I new that I was going to work on his poems as I spend a considerable amount of time everyday reading his works. His poems keeps me sane and alive. (Funny info about me: I sleep with his Uronto Sob Jokar under my pillow. lol) 
Talking about Visual Poetry, it's still at the basic stage of experimentation therefore I wouldn't like to say much bout it. These days I'm working on one of my own poem written about 6 years ago. So you can hope to see some more in the future. 

And as always I need your feedback, in this case more than ever.