Friday, April 16, 2010

New Experiment: Visual Poetry

This work is part of my new experiment with Visual form of poetry. This one is originally a poem by Srijato, my favorite contemporary Bengali poet and probably the finest poet of this generation. When I thought of making comics with poetry as text I new that I was going to work on his poems as I spend a considerable amount of time everyday reading his works. His poems keeps me sane and alive. (Funny info about me: I sleep with his Uronto Sob Jokar under my pillow. lol) 
Talking about Visual Poetry, it's still at the basic stage of experimentation therefore I wouldn't like to say much bout it. These days I'm working on one of my own poem written about 6 years ago. So you can hope to see some more in the future. 

And as always I need your feedback, in this case more than ever. 


  1. Eddie...previously i have mentioned that your works are remarkable, i have gone through most of them which u have posted. But, i would like to say some words regarding your creations, not this one particularly but in many of them, something that i have noticed.
    The fact is Ed, nowadays in our nearest or say local language (N.B. i'm using the word language for a reason), visual litearture in some way or the other tries to get dependent on the other, its view or the purpose lies in the action of construction of close parallel thoughts, a technique designed by Sukumar Ray in most of his nonsenses, but on the other hand if we see 'paintings' of Tagore with his words scattered over them then we become somewhat independent in our views. I, very particularly focus on my heart & soul keeping the painting in my own mind & constructing words not at all related with the picture. Hence what we use in Bengali(thats why i mentioned language before) hardly become a 'chhobita'. Now, coming to the point of your artworks, i have seen that most of your litetratures are some what bent on experiences either over a literature, or over a painting, somehow i was facing difficulty in viewing the subjects, i.e whether to follow the pics with the words or vice versa. To me the solution some what lies in establishing a co-relative perception of the ideas, that is a synchronization of the texts with the artwork, same applies for the harmonization also. Anyway dont mind to any of my comments, i dnt understand arts much, but i try to. Excellent works, keep up!

  2. You're right, everything I write is based mostly on my personal experience. Once I told Smak that I can't write something that have never happened to me. If you see my drafts you'll notice that there's hardly any scene that is not from my life or dream. And SandE was created by me and Smak a couple of years ago from our life.

    Your solution for reading manner could not be more accurate. In comics, as something is said by visuals and something with words and they go hand in hand, this is the most appropriate method. We are going to discuss it at length when we meet.

  3. Yes Eddie we will, because dont get me wrong i havent much said about 'manner'or process of readability & secondly thats exactly what i want, a synchronization of words with visuals, which i have found 'less' in some of your works, as in your artwork of Srijato & a few, secondly if u read my last comment you will see that i have tried to mention that there must be a relation of everything with the subject. I'm not saying that you are somewhat 'deviating' from the subject in your artworks, but in some places, as i think you are facing some problem with expressing your experiences...Eddie, my dear friend keep in mind that this is not at all a criticism let me tell u clearly, rather what i think that your visualisations will evoke a new genre in creative literature & my comments are there so that u cn keep yourself busy in your laboratory cavern experimenting with living specimens! lol

  4. There can be different approaches to synchronizing art and text in comics. visuals can show what text is already saying, visuals can go beyond text even independent of the text. visuals can even show different aspects of the text and sometimes they can tell two completely different stories simultaneously.
    e.g. take these words as text 'I was walking alone.' the panel can be that of a character walking with no other significant character in the panel. it shows directly what I'm saying. I could have omitted the 'I' and 'alone' part, focusing entirely on walking part, showing close-up of the characters feet. If I omitted the 'I' and 'walking' part I would show a narrow panel depicting a deserted street with wind blowing. but when I've already said that I-was-walking-alone I can now go beyond them as my readers already know who is doing what,and how he is doing it. Now I can even show a girl coming omitting the words 'a girl came to me'. here text and art are not saying exactly the same words but together they are narrating a story.
    most of my works are mere experiment so I used that freedom to experiment with these ways. And as a learner I'm still trying to find better text-visual tools to communicate through comics and your analysis here is coming useful. Thanks.