Sunday, July 5, 2009

SandE Announcement

Finally for the first time we are going to introduce SandE over internet.
SandE are coming out of the closet.
SandE (SMAK and EDDIE) is all about the famous duo, their life, thoughts, imagination and obviously their crisis.

This series is brought to you by-
VisuaL LiteraturE Entertainment
Story: Smak and Eddie
Art: Eddie

I wish to update new pages of SandE in every 2 days, which is , as I know myself, is a tough job to do. Hope, to keep the pages running.
This series started about one and half years ago in the winter (December) of 2007. And since then we shared an entertaining journey together which we are still doing. Now it's time to share that with everyone.

If given a chance, I must dedicate SandE to every true friendship and every single clueless person like us, this is for you pal.

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